Young Oleander (a.k.a. Little Oly) is a representation of Coach Oleander's childhood first encountered in the Meat Circus, first found in Psychonauts. He is a sweet child, and cares enormously for his bunnies, something his father doesn't agree with.


Razputin encounters Oly before entering the Meat Circus. He asks him to help collect an escaped bunny. The problem is that said bunny wandered off into the big top. Razputin is then tasked with reaching Oly in time and protecting him from harm until he reaches the bunny. Once Oly is at the top, Raz must follow him outside and through "the Tunnel of Love", to eventually get to the main event. In this last section, Razputin must fight Oly's father, the Butcher, and later also his own father, as well as a hideous combination of both, to free Oleander's psyche.

Afterwards, Raz and Oleander's brains are separated, and Oly thanks Razputin before fading away into the distance. This makes the Coach mentally stable, helping him with his past trauma.


  • Oly mentions the Tunnel of Love is his favorite ride.