“You were born with a special gift. But the people around you treat it like a curse. Your mother is afraid of you, and your father looks at you with shame in his eyes. Come to Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, and you can show them all. Back home, your powers make you a loner, an outcast, a circus freak. But in this dojo, in this psychic dojo, they make you a hero.” — Written by Coach Oleander, recited by Razputin Aquato

Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp is a remote government training facility where paranormally gifted children are trained to become Psychonauts. The camp sits on the shores of Lake Oblongata, opposite the Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed. It is the main setting of Psychonauts.

Camp Residents Edit

Camp Staff Edit

Campers Edit

Whispering Rock Group Photo

Group photo of the campers and Cruller.

Main article: List of Whispering Rock Campers

Locations Edit

  • Kids' Cabins: The area where the campers go to sleep for the night. Coach Oleander's treehouse office can be found here, along with the first mental world of the game; Coach Oleander's Basic Braining.
  • Main Campgrounds: The central hub of the camp, which also hosts the Main Lodge and the Parking Lot. The Main Lodge is home to the Camp Store and the TV Room, and is the place where a camp band starring campers Phoebe Love and Quentin Hedgemouse practices. The parking lot only has two cars in it, and are presumed to belong to Coach Oleander and Milla Vodello.
  • GPC and Wilderness: This area consists of the forest outside of camp. The Geodesic Psychoisolation Chambers are here, which are old prison structures used to contain psychics in solitary confinement. They haven't been used since the 50's, but Bobby Zilch sometimes throws other campers inside, and one of the chambers contains the entrance to Sasha Nein's laboratory. The shack belonging to Ford's ranger persona is here.
  • Sasha's Underground Lab: Sasha's lab is underground, hidden below the GPC. Here, Sasha Nein conducts tests of morally questionable status on the campers which may or may not be authorized. He uses the Brain Tumbler here to send campers into their own minds.
  • Reception Area: An area which boasts a campfire and a projector. Here is where the campers are lectured. It also hosts more wilderness. This is where Janitor Cruller resides.
  • Boathouse and Beach: These are located on along the shores of Lake Oblongata. There is a boathouse here, where Ford Cruller's admiral persona is. Raz can take a canoe and get over to where Milla Vodello is teaching class, and use the bathysphere to go underwater (only once, as the bathysphere becomes stuck underwater). Here, the player can also use the Lungfish Call to call Linda and ride to Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed.

Gallery Edit

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