I'm really confused about the very first mental vault in the game, Oleander's Pride. It shows a lot of thing about Coach Oleander in the war, doing heroic things. But what confuses me is that Oleander is taller than he is in person. It's also because in the mental vault, Oldeander's Shame, he gets kicked out of the army, the navy, the air force, and even cooking because he is not tall enough. Here are some ideas that I think why that memory vault exists in his mind:

A. He dreamed about going to the war.

B. He had a fake mental vault just so he could lie about it.

C. He disguised himself as a taller version of him so he could go to the war.

D. He was younger and sightly shorter in Oleander's Shame.

E. He is the same size in both the vault and the real world, only it doesn't look like it.

F. He went to a specific war that he could be allowed in.

Please send a comment here, if you have a suggestion that one my ideas make no sense about him, I will remove it from the list. Thank you.

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