I'm sorry I haven't been much help on this wiki like I used to be. I am currently out of ideas for editing. I just can't think of anything else to add to this wiki. Probably because I have not been able to play the game in 5 weeks due to my Xbox being at my dad's place. But it's okay. The wiki user Joris.Iaur is doing excellent at taking my stead. You are an excellent contributor. And Vijay777, you have done an excellent job managing Psychopedia. Both of you are true Psychonauts. But me, I won't be editing this wiki very often so I am returning my admin position. I am going to move on to another wiki called "Ty Wiki" which is the wiki for the "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger" series by Krome Studios; another game series I really like. It's been nice working with you my fellow campers and may the best mind rise to the top.

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