I found an interesting glitch in the Waterloo Level. After I beat the game so many times, I have used the bacon a lot to see all of the "agent Cruller, do you have any idea of the current situation" quotes. In Waterloo World, after I killed all the soldiers, unjammed the drawbridge gears and talked to the knight the first time before doing anything else, I pulled out the bacon. Here are the quotes and this is my favorite of all these quotes.

Raz: Agent Cruller, do you have any idea about the current situation?

Cruller: We probably need to get some food for that fat guy to eat.

Raz: You didn't even see him. How do you he's fat? 

Cruller: He sounds fat.

Yeah funny conversation. But anyway, the bug was on the third line. Even though Raz's voice was heard, Cruller's mouth was moving. Not only that, even the subtitles say that Ford is talking. And that is the interesting bug I found in this game. 

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