The Point of No Return is a spot near the end of Psychonauts after which Razputin Aquato can no longer return to the camp and the player is forced into the conclusion of the plot of the game.


Once this point is passed, which is after Lili Zanotto is freed, the game autosaves creating an additional save file before the Point of No Return so you can load a save that brings you to just before Lili is freed. The first thing Razputin Aquato does is battle Oleander's death tank, afterwards going into the final level, the Meat Circus. Smelling Salts will take him to the Collective Unconscious instead of the camp and Bacon can no longer be used to teleport Raz to Ford's Sanctuary.



  • If Raz shows the cake to Lili while she is trapped, there will be a special line of dialogue. Special dialogue is also triggered by showing the cake to "Brainless Sasha," "Brainless Milla," and Sheegor. Lastly, if you use Pyrokinesis on Mr. Pokeylope while he is in the cage, you get a special line.