Dr. loboto's lab

Dr. Loboto's lab from Giantbomb

The Laboratory is the main location of Dr. Loboto's and Coach Oleander's projects. Along with the rest of the asylum, it is destroyed by Boyd Cooper.


The lair is a metal brain shaped construction on the top of Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed. The lair is mainly filled with various brain removing tools, machinery and a brain tank prototype. Above the lab, there is a holding chamber where Lili is held kidnapped.


PSI cardsEdit

  • Next to the Crows.
    Lobotos lair x

    Loboto's lair ingame.

  • To the right of Mr. Pokeylope 's cage.
  • 2 on the ring surrounding the lab.


  • Elton's Brain: on the right of the holding room entrance.
  • Mikhail's Brain: on the left of the holding room entrance.
  • Vernon's Brain: behind the crow.



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