Galochio Poster

A poster of the Galochios hanging in the Meat Circus.

The Galochios are a family of wandering psychics who hold a violent grudge against the Aquatos, Raz's family. According to Augustus, they murdered his entire family and cursed him and all of his descendents to die in water. This curse manifests itself through the Hand of Galochio. While they do not physically appear in the game themselves, Augustus implies they are still actively hunting him and his family. A poster in the Meat Circus advertises a group called "The Galacios." This poster also states they are "dead." The poster showcasing the "Flying Aquatos" states that they are alive. The fact that both families appear to have performed in the same circus also raises some interesting questions.

The family is never seen by the player and make no direct appearance in the actual game, but their presence is felt throughout. The Galochios are Augustus' biggest motivation against allowing Raz to go to camp. They are why Raz believes his father hates psychics. And most notably, they are the reason Raz cannot enter deep water.


  • It is unknown what relation, if any, the family has with the official Psychonauts. It can be assumed they aren't on good terms.
  • There is a popular fan theory that D'artagan belongs to the Galochio family. There is no substantial evidence to support this theory within the game, but nothing to contradict it either.
  • The Galochios seems to specialize in fortune telling. Their poster shows them surrounding a crystal ball. Raz's mental image of Augustus derogatorily refers to psychics as "crystal ball readers", further lending credence to this theory.