The Carpenter

The Carpenter

“Just show me where there's some wood to work on, and I'll go to town.” — Carpenter

The Carpenter is a game piece character from Waterloo World. He helps Razputin Aquato in the game by building and repairing bridges.


When Razputin enters Fred Bonaparte's mind in order to obtain the straightjacket, he ends up being forced to help Fred play a board game. In the board game, Raz meets this carpenter who mistakes Raz for a burglar, then a ventriloquist. Before he does any wood work of any kind, Raz has to take care of whatever was on the carpenter's roof. Then throughout the rest of the level, Raz picks up this piece with Telekinesis like the other pieces and moves it to repair broken bridges.


The Carpenter is really close to his bridges, as he calls them "beautiful" and he talks to them. He is not a good fighter because he knows if he moves anywhere near a soldier, he would be beaten.


  • (Move him by a soldier) "Oh, I'd love to move there, but that soldier would kick my ass. And I'm not getting paid for that."
  • (When hit by Raz) "Hey! Whose side are you on?"
  • (Show Fred's note) "How about the burglar on my roof? Does he care about that?"
  • (Show coin) "You can't fool me by giving me money! I know you're a burglar!"
  • (Show musket) "Ah! A gun! And I was just starting to believe that you weren't a burglar!"
  • (Show an item while out of house) "I only care about wood, nails, and bridges."
  • "Aww, who broke my beautiful bridge? (fixes the bridge) Man, I am good."

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