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Fred wearing the Straightjacket

The Straightjacket is an item obtained from Fred Bonaparte after completing Waterloo World. Fred wanted to get rid of it and give it to Razputin, but mental world Napoleon would not let Fred take off the "uniform" in the middle of the battle. Razputin would have to enter Fred's mind and take care of his problem in order to get this item.


The Straightjacket is used as one of the three Dr. Loboto disguises to get past Crispin Whytehead. It can only be worn in Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed. While wearing this item, Razputin cannot grab any ledges due to the primary purpose of the straight jacket. Razputin will not wear the straightjacket anywhere else like the other two disguises.


  • In the Brain Tumbler Experiment the thorn tower is shaped like a straightjacket.
  • If the straitjacket is selected while in Whispering Rock, Raz will say that he refuses to wear it because everyone will think he's crazy.

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