Achievements were added to the Steam version of Psychonauts in September 2011, below is a general guide to those achievements.

Each achievement is listed under a category.

Notice, spoilers are inevitable, don't read more than needed. If you have not completed the game story, then you will experience story spoilers by reading this page further.


  • PoNR - Point of No Return, there will be a point near the end of the game where Razputin cannot return to the asylum or the camp. Normally a save game is made, but be sure to double check when the top of the asylum is reached.
  • Pokeylope - Indicates an achievement that needs to be taken care of before proceeding past the Point of No Return.
  • Raz med- Indicates an achievement that can be missed should Raz proceed too far into the relevant level


Storyline AchievementsEdit

These are guaranteed as Raz progresses in the game.

Your Last Chance to Chicken OutEdit

Complete Basic Braining.

A Victory for Good TasteEdit

Complete Sasha's Shooting Gallery.

Rolling Rock StarEdit

Complete Milla's Dance Party.

For Insurance ReasonsEdit

Complete Lungfishopolis.

Time to Deliver the MilkEdit

Complete The Milkman Conspiracy.

You're All So KindEdit

Complete Gloria’s Theater.

Thanks for All the SnailsEdit

Complete Waterloo World.

I Always Loved You MoreEdit

Complete Black Velvetopia.

Height of InsanityEdit

Complete The Asylum.

I Thought That Was Unbeatable!Edit

Complete Meat Circus.

Leveling AchievementsEdit

These come as Raz levels up.

Junior PSI CadetEdit

Achieve Rank 20.

Regular PSI CadetEdit

Achieve Rank 40.

Advanced PSI CadetEdit

Achieve Rank 60.

Super PSI CadetEdit

Achieve Rank 80.

Math is Hard PokeylopeEdit

Achieve Rank 101.

Perhaps the most difficult achievement, requires the following:

  • Complete the punching mini-game in Basic Braining (+1)(see I LOVE PUNCHING)
  • PokeylopeFind all 117 PSI Cards found in the camp and asylum, combine 9 each with PSI cores in Agent Cruller's lab.*
  • PokeylopeFind all 9 PSI Challenge markers found in the camp and asylum  (+9)
  • PokeylopeFind all 16 Scavenger Items and turn them in to Ranger Cruller 4+4=(+8)
  • PokeylopeFind all 19 brains, and turn in to Agent Cruller to re-brain the children (+19)
  • Gather all 1600 points worth of Figments (Some are worth more than 1) /100=(+16)
  • Crack all 19 memory vaults (+19)
  • Sort all 50 emotional baggage/5=(+10)
  • Find and weave all 54 mental cobwebs in Agent Cruller's lab*
    • (117+54=171)/9=(+19) Any remaining cobwebs/PSI cards can be turned into the fortune teller near the start of Meat Circus

Total = +101 (and that's why it's called Math is Hard)

Everything must be collected in the camp and asylum before proceeding past the PoNR.

Pre-PoNR, Raz should only have 18/19 vaults, 45/50 bags, 6 PSI cards and be Rank 98 (assuming the punching mini-game has been completed, 97 if not.) Meat Circus provides the 3 remaining levels. (be sure to visit the fortune teller after getting the three cobwebs.)

Any post-PoNR collectable items should be collected before exiting the Tunnel of Love in Meat Circus. If you aren't careful, Raz could be accidentally thrown into the final boss battles.

Collector AchievementsEdit

Simply put, collect all the related items.

They Should Totally Sell ThoseEdit

Earn all Merit Badges.

Most will come as Raz progresses in the story, and a select few Raz needs need to pick up from Agent Cruller at Levels 10, 20, and 30. In fact, you can't even complete Milkman Conspiracy without being Level 30 first.

I'm Gonna Live ForeverEdit

Find all Golden Helmets.

All but one can be retrieved at any time in the following areas:

NOTE: PSI Blast or Confusion Grenade upgrades are not needed for any achievements.

The next five are too complex to put all into this guide, visiting GameFAQS is recommended if you want to track down any of those hard-to-find items.Edit

They Call Me the Hunter PokeylopeEdit

Redeem all 16 Scavenger Hunt Items.

All found around the camp area and the Asylum, return them to Ranger Cruller.

No Solid Food for Six Hours PokeylopeEdit

Re-brain the Children.

All found at the Asylum, return them to Agent Cruller in the the sanctuary. Note: By this time, Agent Cruller will have moved down the bright hallway to the observation room.

These next three are found in the various minds, the status can be checked outside the doors in the Collective Unconscious.

No More SecretsEdit

Crack all Vaults

Find and crack all vaults in each mind (most all minds have two, Meat Circus has only one).

Happy BagsEdit

Sort all Emotional Baggage.

Every mind has five emotional baggage, find the corresponding tag and make 'em happy.

Figgy PiggyEdit

Gather all Figments.

This would be the second most difficult achievement to acquire after Math is Hard.

Holiday DinnerEdit

Cook and consume two different kinds of roast in one sitting.

Use Pyrokinesis, (available once Raz reaches level 10,) to roast two small creatures in the same area, squirrel being one and a regular bird as the other(not a seagull or crow). Daytime is required as there are no birds at night.

Best area to do this is on the pathway between the lodge and the parking lot.

This can be tricky, as Raz has to sneak up on the creatures.

You do not need to roast two creatures with the same pyrokinesis blast. So long as you incinerate, then consume a bird and a squirrel in the same area without changing areas in-between, you will obtain the achievement.

Christmas Shopping (hidden achievement)Edit

Buy an item from the Camp Store on Christmas.

Date dependent, Raz needs to buy something from the camp store on Christmas Day. Be sure to play the game on December 25.

Alternatively, the PC system clock can be set to Dec 25 and get the same effect.

Witness AchievementsEdit

For lack of a better term, these depend on Raz being there at the right place and time to witness or do something, some can be missed if you progress the story too far.

Made Man Raz medEdit

Witness Maloof's transformation.

Immediately after Sasha's Shooting Gallery; don't do the 2nd brain tumbler just yet, instead go to the parking lot to find Maloof, talk to Maloof.

I'm Sure She's Over ItEdit

Uncover Milla's Secret.

When Raz starts going up the first vertical climb area in Milla's Dance Party, an inconspicuous looking balcony will be to the side, float on down to it to find something very unsettling.

Wolpaw Says Thanks Raz medEdit

Hear Vernon's Ghost Story.

Immediately after completing Milla's Dance Party, head to the lodge TV room to find Vernon telling a rather mindless tale. Hang around and listen to the entire tale.

Maybe It's the Hair Raz medEdit

Spy on Bobby's love life.

Also immediately after Milla's Dance party, Go to the GPC Wilderness area and find Nils and Chloe, talk to them.

Look at those Pansies!Edit

Find Edgar's Secret Garden.

In Black Velvetopia, purchase the Vine painting in the diamond alley, enter the sewer and find and enter the gate that is opened via a button activated by Telekinesis. Once Raz climbs out of the sewer, hang the vine painting at the end of the alleyway, climb the vine and follow along until Raz reaches the secret garden.

I Think They Were Impressed Raz medEdit

Introduce all Camp Kids to Mr. Pokeylope.

This assumes all the children have been re-brained. When you get Mr. Pokeylope, DON'T take him to Sheegor just yet, instead, go back to the camp, find all the children and show Mr. Pokeylope to them.

Victory TourEdit

Revisit all brains after completion.

After meeting each mind's main objectives, re-enter the mind from the Collective Unconscious once more.

Repetition AchievementsEdit

These involve repeating a certain task over and over.

Camp Gossip Raz medEdit

Read many bulletin board messages.

Find a camp bulletin board and activate it until the achievement activates.

Mmm… Bacon!Edit

Use the bacon. A lot.

Activate the bacon from Raz's inventory many, many times.

A Slice of History Raz medEdit

Discover the secret history of Whispering Rock campground.

In the middle of the camp parking lot is a giant log where the rings will detail the history of Whispering Rock, activate the front of the log until the achievement activates.

Stump SpeechEdit

Give the Coach's speech on the stump.

Go to the reception area where the campfire is, stand on the stump and press your use button to recite Coach Oleander's speech he gave at the beginning of the game.

Self Aware Raz medEdit

See yourself through the eyes of many others.

Use Clairvoyance on anything that moves and can be targeted.


Complete the Punchy Target mini-game.

In the second stage of Basic Braining is a punching mini-game that must be completed once to progress forward.

This mini-game needs to be done 5 times total for the achievement, you will know you are on the final stage when it requires you get 50 points in 75 seconds.

Raz's PSI punch has a good enough reach that you should stay on top of the button once targets only appear in the inner ring.