Some of the stage actors.

The Stage Actors are the performers in Gloria's Theater in Psychonauts. They appear to be actors in costumes who are continuously performing a dual-mood play that recreates Gloria Von Gouton's life. At least three of them are dressed as flowers, a few of them are wearing dog costumes, and the last few look like birds. Their appearance changes whenever Raz interacts with the Mood Machine.

When the candlelight shines through the comedy mask, the sets appear as bright, happy meadows full of sunlight. The actors appear as cheerful flowers, playful dogs, and happy birds. When the candlelight shines through the tragedy mask, the sets become dark, dreary, and demented. The actors become monstrous thistles, vicious hellhounds, and horrifying bats.


Flower GirlsEdit

There are three flower girls on stage. The head of the flowers wears a green flower costume with blue petals. The froggy-voiced one wears a blue flower costume with orange petals. The smallest one has a high, squeaky voice and wears a light green flower costume with pink petals. When they turn aggressive, they have dark eyes, small sharp fangs, and wear dark green thistle costumes with sickly green thorns. When spinning, they can't be harmed by anything but Pyrokinesis and only become vulnerable when they stop.


The dogs appear with brown floppy ears, beige-colored fur, tan spots, and panting tongues. When they turn aggressive, they transform into feral hounds with deep purple fur, spiked purple collars, and yellow eyes that are immune to fire. They can attack with their claws and jaws and will even breathe flames at their foes.


The birds resemble happy little bluebirds and are suspended by support wires. When they turn aggressive, they become large, dark purple bats. They use a ranged attack that consists of emitting a piercing shriek that deals massive damage.



The actors won't attack Raz unless the machine is in the sullen mood. The thistles use a deadly spin attack, the feral hounds breathe fire, and the bats shoot shrieking soundwaves. In this case, Marksmanship is the way to go. Pyrokinesis can also sap away their health. If Confusion has already been acquired, Raz can use Confusion Grenades on them. During the battle with Jasper Rolls, several demented actors will try and stop Raz. More actors attack as the fight progresses.