The Soundtrack for Psychonauts includes music from the game, released in two volumes: the "Original Soundtrack" and the "Original Cinematic Score". All music was composed by Peter McConnell.

Original SoundtrackEdit

All the pleasure of Psychonauts music gathered here for you to enjoy, without all that tedious running, jumping , and otherwise playing of the game.

–Double Fine Shop description

The Original Soundtrack consists of twenty tracks, including the main theme and the themes from various mental worlds.

Track listing:

  1. The Meat Circus
  2. Whispering Rock
  3. Stay out of the Moonlight
  4. Hagatha's Home
  5. Happy Flowers
  6. The Lungfish Lair
  7. The Milkman Conspiracy
  8. Dr. Loboto's Lab
  9. Duel with the Critic
  10. The Catwalk Phantom
  11. March of the Inmates
  12. Sasha's Immaculate Mind
  13. The Censors Unleashed
  14. Black Velvetopia
  15. The Wild Bull Run/El Odio
  16. The Matador
  17. Gloria's Secret Garden
  18. Bonita's Tragic Muse
  19. Bunk Time
  20. Title and End Credits

Original Cinematic ScoreEdit

It has the music from the cutscenes of Psychonauts, without all of those annoying words or sound effects.

–Double Fine Shop description

The Original Cinematic Score consists of eighteen tracks, mostly taken from cutscenes in the game, concluding with a medley of themes.

Track listing:

  1. Coach's Welcome - (2:30)
  2. Bobby Zilch & Sasha - (2:04)
  3. The World is a Better Place - (1:01)
  4. March of the Psychonauts - (2:43)
  5. Lili Kidnapped - (2:02)
  6. Was That a Dream? - (2:36)
  7. Top O' the Lungfish - (2:03)
  8. Call Me Linda - (0:54)
  9. Dr. Loboto's Evil Plans - ((2:11)
  10. Ah, the Theater! - (2:09)
  11. Rise Up, Milkman - (2:33)
  12. My Patron - (1:27)
  13. Beauty and the Bull - (0:57)
  14. Love Found and Lost - (1:54)
  15. End of the Asylum - (3:19)
  16. The Fathers - (2:47)
  17. Summer's End - (4:45)
  18. Psychonauts Theme Medley (Remixed and Remastered) - (4:28)


Both the Original Soundtrack and Original Cinematic Score are available on CD or via digital download. CDs are available directly from the Double Fine store as well as various retailers. Digital downloads are available from several locations including Steam, iTunes, and Amazon MP3. Digital Downloads of both collections were included with the game in the Humble Indie Bundle #5 (now expired).



  • The Whispering Rock theme is played in a mall display of camping equipment in the Double Fine Productions game Costume Quest.

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