“If it is truly a time of war, then we are ready. We can no longer pull our heads into our shells and hide. We are, after all, armored warriors, and this is our land too. We may not be fast, but we always march upon the glittering path of righteousness, for we create it ourselves from our hearts. Lead us onward, and let us eat holes in the leaves of Napoleon's garden.” — The Snails

The Snails appear in Waterloo World in Psychonauts, in which there are ten of them. Razputin Aquato can collect them by running up to them or using Telekinesis.

They are played by Toby Gleason.


The ten snails run from Razputin until he catches all ten of them. Razputin tells the snails it's time to serve the cause and they decide to do so. The snails are enthusiastic of helping Fred Bonaparte win the war against Napoleon's tyranny. They cooperate with Razputin and become a dish of escargot for the Hearty Knight. Razputin is weirded out instead of happy with the snails' unhesitating cooperation.