“Sometimes, isolation is a good thing. It can lead to important discoveries.”
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Sasha Nein is a famous Psychonaut agent. He works with fellow Psychonaut Milla Vodello on many missions. In the time of Psychonauts (the game), he helps at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, running underground tests of questionable moral status, brought up due to the campers having such negative (and in a few cases, traumatic) opinions on the idea.


Sasha came from an undisclosed location either in Austria or Germany (Although not confirmed, he has a fairly strong German accent, and he is referred to as "that German fellow" by Ranger Cruller while looking for his underground chamber), working as a shoemaker with his father. Sasha never knew his mother due to her death from an unexplained illness when Sasha was a baby. When Sasha asked his father about his mother, he wouldn't tell Sasha. So when Sasha's powers manifested, he used his telepathy to see his mother's face from his father's memories. This turned out to be a big mistake, as he discovered a very naughty memory of his wife, Sasha's mom. Seeing as he was at a young age, this event presumably disturbed Sasha enough to run away from his home.

Events after this are unknown, such as how he became a Psychonaut, how he became partnered with Agent Milla Vodello, etc.

Sasha's MindEdit

Main Article: Sasha's Shooting Gallery

Sasha's mind is a large white cube drawing inspiration from the sharp, monochrome 1960s brutalism/minimalism aesthetic popular in mid-century German gothic design (as opposed to Milla's 1960's British psychedelic mod leanings). Sasha says that he can manage to keep his mind under control. Hidden inside the cube are various parts of Sasha's mind, each section hinting about his life (like the large bed and crib about his mother and the shoeboxes and tape-measurer about his father), shown when Raz sets the dial that releases the Censors to the highest setting. After fighting the Mega Censor, Sasha gives Raz his Marksmanship badge, telling him that they will never speak of what happened in his mind again. The music in his Shooting Gallery is a remix of Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", which is an indication that he comes from Austria if not Germany. Upon re-entering the mind, it is revealed that the censor leak was a set-up to make Raz a marksman.

Psychic AbilitiesEdit

  • Telekinesis- Used it to smoke a cigarette.
  • Markmanship- Taught the power to Raz. His Psi-blast color is blue.
  • Levitation- Floats off the platform after giving Raz the button.
  • Second Sight- Seen in his memory vault.


  • "Nein" is German for "No", which may be referenced by the large quantity of Censors in his mind.
  • Sasha is voiced by Stephen Stanton, who also voiced Bonita Soleil.
  • In the german version of the game, Sasha has an austrian accent which is another indication for him coming from Austria.
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    Sasha drives a passionate hate towards tacky lamps, which at one point he had to make as a job. He refers to them as "something hideous and horrible, something so disgusting that it simply must die," and their destruction he calls "making the world a better place." 
  • Tim and Scott later say on of the reason he hates such lamps is because as seen is the vault Sasha First Loss , his Mom died right next to a lamp like the one in the gallery. 
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If the player uses Clairvoyance on Sasha, Raz's appearance changes to that of a mini-version of him, implying that he sees a good deal of himself in Raz.
  • The character's name may be a reference to Alexander Shulgin (nicknamed "Sasha"), a chemist known as a pioneer of psychonautics and for researching the use of psychedelics in psychotherapy.
  • He is a cigarette smoker, as seen in the cutscene when he approches Raz for advanced training.
    • This is also proven in Sasha's Shooting gallery during the Mega Censor fight. When Raz is stamped a few times, Sasha asks Raz if he could reach into his pocket and pull out his cigarettes for him.
    • Sasha "The Nein Family hair cut"-Tim is the part in the middle and two curls on both sides. In his vaults it is a haircut shared by: Mr.Nein, he as the half curl version, Mrs. Nein his mom has it on her bangs, and even baby Sasha.
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