Top level

Top Level

Sashas lab

(ground level)

Camp sasha lab1
Camp sasha lab2

Sasha Nein's Lab is located in the GPC and Wilderness It is accessed by using the button given to Razputin after completing Basic Braining. This lab contains the Brain Tumbler necessary for entering the Collective Unconscious. Also this is where Raz can find Sasha Nein at any time. (Before he is kidnapped) It is also full of various boxes everywhere. If you smash the boxes you can get mental heath and ammo.

Psi CardsEdit

  • On the top level, on the wall near the right of the staircase.
  • On the bottom level, next to the chair closest to the staircase.

Scavenger Hunt ItemsEdit

  • Fossil: On a ledge across from the staircase's first plateau.

Psychics Who Often Can be Found Here Edit

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