Gpc button

Sasha's Button.

Sasha's Button is an item in Psychonauts. It is used to open the secret door to Sasha's secret lab under the Geodesic Psychoisolation Chamber.

Even though Razputin holds this button for only a short while, every character at camp has something to say about it.


After completing Basic Braining, Sasha Nein approaches Razputin, inviting him to participate in special training. He hands him a red button, and gives him a hint to find his lab: 'sometimes isolation can be a good can lead to important discoveries'.

In the Geodesic Psychoisolation Chamber, Raz notices one of the pillows is missing a button. Putting this one in that spot opens up a trapdoor that leads directly to Sasha's lab.


  • It seems as though Bobby has had a traumatic experience inside the GPC himself, because when shown Sasha's button, which came from GPC, he becomes hysterical.