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Reception Area

The Reception Area is an area found in Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. This is the area where the first cutscene of the game takes place, in which Razputin introduces himself after Coach Oleander's speech.

On the wooden stakes around where the campers sit are carved portraits of famous Psychonauts of the past. There are two different places to make campfires in this area. Decrepit things are also found in this area, such as an old car wreck and a mine that fell into disrepair. Ford Cruller's split personality in this area is Janitor Cruller. He has his very own trailer here.


PSI Challenge MarkersEdit

  • In an indent cave at the end of the broken railings.

PSI CardsEdit

Scavenger Hunt ItemsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • One of the wooden stakes has a portrait of a man named Bob Zanatto. This is possibly a misspelling of 'Zanotto', which would make this man another family member of Lili's.
  • If you use the interact/use button while standing on the stump, Raz will recite Coach Oleander's speech from the intro of the game.

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