Quentin Hedgemouse is the outstanding DJ of the band composed of himself and his best friend, Phoebe Love. He's normally a calm person, but likes quarreling with Phoebe about all sorts of things, most notably their band name.

His primary psychic talent is levitation, and claims he can levitate himself, Phoebe, and their instruments for future preformances. This is why he wants the band to be called "The Levitators".

Quentin also seems to be harboring a crush on Kitty Bubai.


Quentin is first encountered in the Kids' cabins area, arguing over the band name with Phoebe (and ignoring Razputin's proposition of simply calling it 'The Whispering Rockers"). They don't go to Basic Braining, claiming it's dangerous.

Afterwards, Quentin and Phoebe can always be found in the Main Lodge, practicing their music. After rebraining this is no different, as they believe the world needs music more than ever in an apocalyptic world.

Psychic AbilitiesEdit

  • Levitation: He has levitated himself and Phoebe once during practice but he dropped her by accident.


  • At one point while practicing, he askes Phoebe if she's ever had "a dream about a bathtub" a possible reference to the bathtub with "Oblongata" written on it seen in the Brain Tumbler Experiment.
    • Camp band
      If this is the case, this would mean Quentin's psychic abilities are strong enough to pick up on Coach Oleander's interference.
  • Quentin sees Raz as a Psychonaut, but wearing a scarf like himself.
  • Voiced by Sherrie Jackson.
  • His scarf,it was sewn by Chilean political prisoners.
  • our band, the levitators! me and my main slice phoebe started it. she's the rapper i'm the dj. Except that she doesn't rap, so i have to do it too. phoebe plays the drums, and handles all of our on-stage pyrotechnics. we got the awesome j.t. hoofburger blowin harmonica for! i am so PSYCHED to have that guy in the band! seriously! and chops! chops too, on guitar. we don't really have any songs yet, but when we do it's going to be killer. kill-er. you will freak out on it's dopeness.seriously, bring an extra pair of pants to our

first show because you will pee in the first pair and you'll still love it. -Quentin

  • i get excited about stupid stuff. i tell good jokes. my teeth are straight. i am very good at boggle. i am not a very fast runner, about average. i walk around a lot. i like to wearscarves. i like it when other people wear scarves. i like to eat popcorn in movies. i like japanese stuff. i hug a lot. i like to explore. i like netflix. i like nostalgia though it sometimes makes me sad.-Quentin
  • Quentin's nice. He's a good dee jay. he helps me with the squirrels when they are mean. He does not wear a hat, but he is still special.-Dogen
  • Psychadet rank:Astral Warrior
  • Hometown:Westchester, VT
  • He always stands on a little box to reach his turn tables.

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