Content pages should never include second and third person pronouns such as you, your, I, me, my, et al. Third-person terms such as them, they, their, and the player should be used instead.

This wiki is designed to be a source of information, not a list of instructions or a record of one editor's experiences. When writing an article, you can't assume that the reader is playing the game, so you should tell them what the player can do.

Articles should never address the reader. Thus, imperative sentences (because they contain the understood pronoun you) should never be used. Interrogative sentences shouldn't be used either, as they are posing a question to the reader, even if done rhetorically. Exlamatory sentences can show bias, which should not be present in content pages.

The exeptions to the above rules are on talk pages (When one is speaking directly to another user), on policy pages such as these, blog posts, and the comments section of any page.