“Yay Raz! Punch punchie, punch punch!” — Crystal and Clem, on the topic of punching

PSI-Punch is Razputin's basic attack combo and move. He projects a big orange fist with his mind and uses it to punch forward thrice (right punch, left punch, palm strike).

PSI-Punch has different variations, such as Palm Bomb, which is an air-to-ground attack and has a larger attack area, but is less rapid than PSI-Punch.

In Edgar Teglee's mind, Black Velvetopia, Raz's PSI-Punch is purple in color.

In Linda the Lungfish's mind, Lungfishopolis, Raz's PSI-Punch has a longer range and is a clawed hand, because the Lungfish populating the mind think he is a monster.


  • While the PSI Punch is indeed effective against (almost) all Censors, it falls short against enemies with more varied attacks. Save it only for absolute desperation, if you're right up next to an enemy, or if you just want to beat the crap out of everything.