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Bears can be found near Ford Cruller 's trailer. They are aggressive and will use telekinesis on Razputin to slash at him or hold him while they attack him. They also know levitation.

To defeat them, sneak up on them with Invisibility, and use Pyrokinesis twice, or shoot them repeatedly with your PSI-Blasts.

Areas FoundEdit

  • Reception Area
  • GPC and Wilderness


  • Clairvoyance shows Raz as a picnic ice chest full of food.
  • An indestructible stuffed bear resides in the Asylum, next to Fred Bonaparte.
  • It is unknown if Mikhail has actually wrestled any of the bears around camp. However, he does compare them to the bears from Russia saying they are small.
  • They can be found also behind the fences of Sasha Nein's lab.

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