Using the oarsman's badge to get to Milla Vodello.

The Oarsman's Badge gives someone the ability to pull themselves across water when sitting on a raft or a canoe.


At the Boathouse and Beach, there is a platform on the water where Milla Vodello is levitating. Razputin cannot reach that area without using a canoe. Admiral Cruller wouldn't give Raz a canoe without an Oarsman's Badge. Raz obtains the Oarsman's badge after getting his Marksmanship badge and revisiting the Brain Tumbler Experiment for a second time. Raz uses this badge to get a canoe from Admiral Cruller. Using this power with a canoe gets Raz to Milla for Levitation training.


  • The canoe is only useful to get around the enclosed part of the lake near the Boathouse. All of Raz's excursions on and in the lake were achieved via the Bathysphere and Linda.