Nils Lutefisk is a camper with the looks of a pleasant young boy, but the mind of an old pervert. He considers himself a "playboy".

He is voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey.

At the beginning of the game, you meet him while he is peeking through a hole into the girl's cabin. When confronting him about his actions, he replies that his parents allow him to watch R rated movies and he knows a little more about it then Raz does. He also states that he uses squirrels to help him spy with the use of Clairvoyance, and blames Bobby Zilch.

After you get his brain back at the end of the game, he talks about seeing if any girl wants to makeout before the end of the world. He goes out with Elka, who is his previous ex-girlfriend, and they are seen behind the main lodge.

Psychic AbilitiesEdit


  • "Next time, say acorns if you repeat that to someone else."
  • (hit him while spying on girl's cabin) "Now I'll never teach you how to do this, jerk."
  • (use Telekinesis) "Drop me, or I will drop you."


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