“Nobody's winning! Want to know who's losing? The Bonaparte family name!” — Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte is the genetic memory of Fred Bonaparte's ancestor, the real French military general Napoleon Bonaparte. He surfaced in Fred's mind and took control, to teach his descendant the importance of strategic victory after he lost 27 rounds of a board game to mental patient Crispin Whytehead. Napoleon Bonaparte is voiced by André Sogliuzzo.

Psychonauts Edit

The moment Razputin lays eyes upon Fred, it is blatantly obvious he suffers from the delusion that he is Napoleoan. When Raz chooses to go investigate the former orderly's mind, he ends up in Waterloo World - a small, classically furnished room where Fred and Napoleon sit across one another endlessly playing round after round of Waterloo-O, the board game that led to the mental problems in the first place.

Once Raz hops into the board game, he is shrunken down to the size of the pieces, and tries to manage the pieces so Fred's forces defeat Napoleon's. After mending the bridges and recruiting new soldiers that defeat Napoleon's men, the pretentious general resorts to cheating to protect his fortress, jamming the drawbridge with an eyedropper. Once the bridge is unjammed and Fred's knight has taken the castle, the perplexed Napoleon admits defeat, yet is glad that he has beaten the love of victory into his descendant. The general disappears with some words of wisdom, and a warning for (hereditary) stomach cramps -- which is why Napoleon has his hand at his side.

Trivia Edit

  • The Napoleon in the room sees Raz as a military leader when Clairvoyance is used on him, but the one on the game board sees him as a wooden game piece.
  • When looking through the vault labeled "Fred vs. Napoleon", it can be seen that Fred saw Napoleon in a mirror in his mind's eye. In the semifinal slide, Napoleon is seen reaching out of the mirror and seizing control.
  • Both Napoleon and Fred are voiced by André Sogliuzzo, who voiced Napoleon again a little while later in the same year, for Age of Empires III.