Mr. Pokeylope is a turtle owned by Sheegor that lives in Thorney Towers Home For the Distubed in Psychonauts.


Razputin Aquato must rescue Mr. Pokeylope in order to obtain Sheegor's assistance. Sheegor insisted that once he was rescued, "he'll know what to do."

Razputin decides to rescue the turtle before taking any further steps, and does so by luring him out with a slice of chocolate Birthday Cake. It then turns out Mr. Pokeylope is fully sentient, and also very intelligent, hatching a plan to defeat Loboto within seconds of being brought back to Sheegor.

He has Sheegor extract his brain and give it to the doctor to put in the tank, but the doctor tells her he is too busy and that she should just put it on the table. Razputin throws Pokeylope's brain into the tank with his telekinesis, allowing him to use the weapon to blast the doctor through the window, where he presumably falls to his death.

Raz can introduce Mr. Pokeylope to everyone back at the camp and each one will have a unique reaction to him.

In a bonus cutscene unlocked at PSI-Cadet rank 100, Mr. Pokeylope is seen with Sheegor escaping the exploded asylum, when Linda comes to shore to see what is going on. It's revealed that Linda and "Sam", as she calls Mr. Pokeylope, know each other, but it has been ages since they last saw each other. Sam notes Linda looks different from last time, to which she replies she "put on a little weight". Pokeylope responds flirtingly that he doesn't mind, after which they both laugh. Sheegor then joins in, prompting some awkward looks.


  • If Pyrokinesis is used on Mr. Pokeylope while he is in the cage, Dr. Loboto says "I smell turtle soup!"
  • Curiously, Mr. Pokeylope's brain is apparently the size of a human brain, which is larger than his body.
  • Given his ability to use PSI-Blast and talk and his apparent relations to Linda, it can be assumed that he gained his powers through the psitanium in the food chain within that region.
  • If Clairvoyance is used on Mr. Pokeylope, he will see Raz as a slice of chocolate cake.