Milla Vodello is a famous Brazilian Psychonaut agent. She is known as the Mental Minx, and is known for her Levitation prowess and psychedelic 1960's mod style and fashion sense. She is very laid-back and enjoys partying and dancing. She is partnered with Sasha Nein, and according to a Vault found in her mind, she might have a possible romantic interest in Sasha.

Before becoming a Psychonaut, Milla took care of children at an orphanage. One night after she got back from grocery shopping, the orphanage was on fire (the cause of which remains unexplained) and all the children perished in the flames. Due to her psychic powers, Milla heard them screaming to her for help as they burned to death, scarring her deeply. Milla was left with haunting voices asking why she didn't save them.

Milla's MindEdit

Main Article: Milla's Dance Party

Milla's mind is a lively party; The entire place looks like a dance party, because of her "levitating" personality. There is a small room in her mind that resembles a children's playroom with a toy chest leading to repressed nightmares about her failing to save the children in an orphanage that she was to take care of, with the spirits of the children haunting her mind.

Psychic AbilitiesEdit

  • Levitation: The power she is known for at Whispering Rock. She can levitate other objects as well.
  • Markmanship: Uses it against Oleander. Her PSI blast color is pink.


  • Alexis Lezin is Milla's voice actor.
  • Interestingly, using Clairvoyance on Milla, Raz's appearance changes to that of an infantile version of himself, showing her maternal attitude towards the children.
  • Also, in result of her losing all her children, she has developed nightmares. You can see them in a "Toy Room" where there are four figments and a safe. Then, hit the toy chest. You can also hear the nightmares, calling: "Save us... Save us!" and "Why did you let us die?"

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