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Merit Badges are given to you by various mentors, and by binding them to keys you can do various activities, some of which are required to finish levels. You can only equip and bind 3 at a time.

There are 8 total badges to collect:

Badge Name Effect
Marksmanship Shoots a psychic beam at enemies and uses ammo
Levitation Summons a ball of psychic energy that you ride on, and lets you jump higher and float
Telekinesis Lets you move certain objects or enemies
Pyrokinesis Lets you set certain objects and enemies on fire
Invisibility Turns you invisible for a small amount of time
Shield Protects you from attacks and can bounce back some attacks
Confusion Makes enemies turn on their allies
Clairvoyance Lets you see through the minds of others

In addition to the main badges, there are a few badges that don't correspond to abilities but instead provide other benefits:

Badge Name Effect
Basic Braining Allows access to the entire camp
Oarsman Allows the use of canoes on the lake
Mental Magnet Attracts mental items
Psychonaut Awarded to cadets that have earned the rank of Psychonaut


  • During the cutscene upon obtaining a merit badge, the badge will always be signed "Ford Cruller," even though only five badges are actually obtained from Ford Cruller.

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