Mega Censor
“You are my own creation! I command you to stop!” — Sasha Nein

The Mega Censor is the boss fought in Sasha's Shooting Gallery in Psychonauts. It is a large, fat Censor, carrying a large stamp, and the result of Razputin closing up all of Sasha's Censor outlets. Instead of the Censor energy exploding, it built up into the Mega Censor. Its legs are not symmetric, one leg is much thicker than the other.

Strategy Edit

The Mega Censor will chase Raz around the cube, trying to hit him with its stamp. It's easy to dodge, unless he gets too close (which is why one shouldn't use the PSI-Punch or Palm Bomb). The Censors running around will run into the Mega Censor and heal him. Razputin must close the vents that are releasing the Censors; There are 5 vents. After closing the vents, the Mega Censor cannot be healed (unless there are still a few Censors running around), so the player can proceed to take it down. It then starts using a new attack: throwing a fleshy boil of Censors. If the boil hits Raz, it will release more Censors, which can heal the Mega Censor.


  • If Razputin gets crushed by the stamp, Sasha, sticking just next to him, will give him a hint. However, repeating this too much will result in Sasha blurting out nonsense from being hit on the head too many times.
  • When Razputin is hurt by the Mega Censor it leans back and laughs at him.

Video Walkthrough Edit

Psychonauts - Mega Censor

Psychonauts - Mega Censor