Marksmanship badge
“Say something hideous and horrible jumps out at you. Something so disgusting that it simply must die.” — Sasha Nein

Marksmanship is a psychic merit badge at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. Raz learns this from Sasha Nein in Sasha's Shooting Gallery. This badge allows Razputin to fire a blast of psychic energy at enemies, also known as a PSI-Blast.

At PSI Cadet Rank 40, Raz gains the upgrade Chain Blast, which allows his PSI-Blasts to ricochet and hit up to 3 enemies. At Rank 70, Raz gains the Super Chain Blast upgrade, which allows his PSI-Blasts to ricochet and hit up to 6 enemies.

Uses in GameEdit


Raz firing off a PSI-Blast.


  • Always have your mental focus locked onto enemies when fighting with Marksmanship. Aiming without it is a lot harder.
    • It also helps to jump from side to side while firing; this allows you to keep moving to avoid enemy fire while still landing shots.
  • Aggression Ammo for the Marksmanship power will appear in the form of bright orange exclamation marks of raw psychic aggression. It can be found from enemies or from smashing objects. With how often you're going to be using Marksmanship, it's best to keep an eye out for ammo.
    • You can also find golden trophies with increases the number of how many more shots you can carry at one time.

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