Maloof Canola is one of the campers at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. He is 7 years old, and lives in East Windsor, NJ.

He is voiced by Brett Walter.


In their first meeting outside Coach Oleander's Basic Braining class, Maloof hands Razputin the Smelling Salts. Maloof does not expect to need them again, as he is planning to leave camp (or at least wait by the entrance until his father picks him up again.) They are interrupted by Bobby Zilch and his lackey, Benny, who ask for "protection money". Raz stands up to the bullies, and they continue to class, saying they'll settle it on the battlefield.

Later on, as Razputin is looking for Sasha's lab under the GPC, he hears crying coming from inside. It turns out Bobby has locked Maloof in the Psychoisolation chamber, so Raz releases him. He then runs after Mikhail, who was in the area searching for a 'giant hairless bear' he claimed he had seen in the woods, eager to wrestle it, since that is apparently a common pastime in his home country.

Bobby Zilch's reign of terror did not end there, however. After exiting the Brain Tumbler or completing Sasha's Shooting Gallery, Raz finds Maloof in the parking lot with a pair of underpants containing a fish pulled over his head. He did not take it off out of fear something worse would happen if he did. Worse yet, according to him, Bobby had already made him suffer a plethora of other harassments, such as not letting him in any of the toilets, and then not letting him out when he finally reached one. At that moment, Mikhail joins them, thinking the fish is a ploy to lure the hairless bear closer so Maloof can wrestle it. He decides to stick around to also wrestle it after Maloof is done, but Maloof, who never intended to do any wrestling at all, passes his turn to Mikhail. Mikhail is so grateful for this that when Bobby appears to cause more damage, he threatens to seriously injure the bully if he does not cut it out. Bobby is quickly scared off.

From this point onwards, Maloof and Mikhail work together, with Maloof as the 'little boss' and Mikhail as his bodyguard. After Milla's Dance Party, they can be found dangling Benny over the creek in the wilderness, getting back at him for his bullying.

When nightfall hit, Maloof started getting annoyed and suspicious about the other camper's absences. He thought that they were hiding, so he and Mikhail went out to look for someone to pick on, until they both got nabbed by the Hulking Lungfish.

Once both of their brains have been recovered and restored, they can be seen in the parking lot wiring something to Coach Oleander's jeep as a way to take revenge on him.


  • (using Pyrokinesis) "This burning choice you made is a poor one, Razputin."
  • (using Telekinesis) "What are you trying to prove, Raz?"


  • Clairvoyance shows Maloof sees Raz as a mobster boss.
  • Maloof likes to listen to lullabies.
  • Maloof loves to read The Rescuers and anything by Puzo.
  • Maloof's favorite TV shows include Spongebob, the Teletubbies, and the Sopranos.
  • Maloof's favorite movies are The Godfather 1 & 2.
  • Malfoof has the biggest personally change in the game, as he goes from the crying kid in the bunk to the camp mob boss.
  • Psychadet rank: Tender Brain 
  • Hometown: East Windsor, NJ
  • During the events of Psychonauts it is his first year at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp.
  • He is one of the youngest and smallest campers.
  • He is one of the very few campers to not have on any form of camp gear such as the camp t-shirt or bandana.