Main Lodge Exterior

Main Lodge Exterior at night.

The Main Campgrounds are an area in Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp in Psychonauts. This area is where the main lodge and parking lot are located. The parking lot can be used as a basketball court as well. Campers come to this area and mess with Oleander's car (much to his annoyance). The main attraction of this part of camp is the main lodge. This is the heart of camp and is always full of campers.

Camp outside main loge


PSI Challenge MarkersEdit

  • On top of the main lodge roof.

PSI CardsEdit

Camp outside main loge1
  • One is located behind a gap in the fence to the west of Mikhail Bulgakov near the entrance to the area.
  • Climb the speaker tower to the north of the cabin for another.
  • Walk across the highwire suspended to that tower to find another card near where the wire meets the Lodge building.
  • Keep on walking on the wire to get another card near Crystal and Clem on the next speaker tower.
  • Walk back to the roof of the Lodge and jump onto it. There's another card on the roof.
  • While standing near the location of the card on the roof (the card, not the marker), face east and jump onto the wooden sub-roof of the Lodge; another card awaits you.
  • Another card hides behind a tree to the south of the Lodge, near the mountains.
  • Head to ground level and walk around the crossroads to the west of the Lodge. A card is floating around the walkway leading up to the building.
  • Atop the speaker tower southwest of the crossroads.
  • On the path leading from the Lodge to the parking lot.
  • Ground level in the parking lot.
  • Camp outside main loge2
    Another awaits in the outhouse near the parking lot.
  • Jump up to the basketball hoop in the parking lot to reach another card.
  • Jump from the tree stump to the Jeep-like vehicle in the parking lot, then bounce on its roof to another card.
  • After you get Levitation, jump to the main camp sign in the middle of the parking lot and grab the card atop it.

Scavenger Hunt ItemsEdit

  • Eagle Claw: In a tree by the parking lot on a platform that connects to the Whispering Rock Camp sign by a hi-wire.
  • Gold Doubloon: Under the lodge in an indent hole.
  • Camp outside main loge3
    Voodoo Doll: Inside the lodge, atop the rafters above the band. You'll need to jump up there from the bookshelf in the opposite corner of the room.