A maiden peeking outside the window.

Maiden Door

A closed door for the Maiden where they reside.

The Maidens are mental figures found in the world of Black Velvetopia. They are often seen peeping out of holes in the windows, for they live in fear of El Odio. However, Razputin can use the Rose paintings to create real roses and bring the maidens out of hiding. They will drag Razputin inside and reward him with kisses which restore his Mental Health.


  • The maidens are the only mental figures who are never fully revealed. When she opens the windows, only her arms can be seen, while the rest of her remains obscured in the shadows.
  • Using Clairvoyance on the maidens usually reveals that they view Raz as a man about to open his trenchcoat. However, Raz appears as a prince if he is holding a rose.

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