“Our noble, all-volunteer navy has been surprised only by the senseless lust for mayhem that seeps from the twisted, black lump of a heart in this creature, still known only as Goggalor.” — Lungfishopolis Live

Lungfishopolis is the mental world of Linda the Hulking Lungfish in Psychonauts.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Electric Gate
  • The Dam
  • Skyscraper Island
  • Kochamara Island
  • The Control Tower


The level starts as Razputin finds himself in what appears to be in the middle of a bustling metropolis which is inhabited by lungfish. As Raz makes his way through the city, he is spotted by a freedom fighter lungfish. He dies, due to Raz's voice, and another comes along and tells Raz about the broadcast tower that is broadcasting a mind controlling frequency that has taken over Lungfishopolis. He then instructs Raz to free his other comrades who help Raz reach the tower. During Raz's trip to the tower, the military tries to destroy him, but Raz stops them. When Raz reaches the tower, Kochamara appears and battles Raz. After Raz defeats him and reaches the top of the tower, Kochamara reappears and flies at Raz. Raz notices him and jumps out of the way and Kochamara destroys the tower. He then disappears and all of the citizens cheer for Goggalor.


  • This level is largely based on the 1954 filmGodzilla. Furthermore, the music on the level is extremely similar to the music played in the film, when Godzilla rampages through Tokyo.
  • When the player returns to the level, the citizens tell Raz that they are moving to another city and that the city's going to be torn down, so it's perfectly fine for him to wreck the place.
  • If asked about a new plan, the pilot in the blimp says: "I have one. It's called: Turn Goggalor in for reward money."
  • In Lungfishopolis, Razputin is considered a large creature. He's too heavy to use Levitation (when attempting to use it, he states "I don't think that's gonna work"), the PSI-Punch's astral fist is a monstrous claw instead, and the Palm Bomb attack shows feet (if upgraded) instead of hands.
  • In this level, Raz gets pulled underwater when he lands in it two times instead of three like other levels.
  • Lungfishopolis and Gloria's Theater are the only mental worlds where the owner of the mind that contains it does not appear.
  • When Razputin asks one of the resistance lungfish if he had seen a girl called Lili, and the lungfish replies that the government files might have information on his girlfriend, Razputin gets flustered and explains a bit that Lili is not his girlfriend technically.
  • Officer O'lungfish, the Lungfish Zealot, and the hulking lungfish were voiced by David Kaye.

Collectibles Edit


There are 113 figments on the level.

  • 1 on skyscraper left of start.
  • 3 before first prison.
  • 13 between prison and laser field.
  • 7 in prison behind laser field.
  • 8 at side section near the start.
  • 13 on approach to the dam.
  • 2 above blimp.
  • 1 on dam.
  • 18 in second city.
  • 4 in bridge connection between second and third city.
  • 4 after bridge to the third city.
  • 13 in second city section on approach to tunnel.
  • 3 on tunnel approach to final city.
  • 1 on freighter near final city.
  • 10 in final city.
  • 2 on freighters leading to boss area.

Mental Cobwebs Edit

  1. Near the pilot's prison.
  2. On approach to the dam.
  3. On dam, to the right.
  4. On approach to tunnel.
  5. After bridge

Emotional Baggage Edit

  • Purse is at the pilots prison. The tag is found on a building approaching the dam.
  • Dufflebag tag is at the pilot's prison, and the dufflebag is located in the side island near the start.
  • Hatbox and its tag on dam.
  • The steamer is found after the bridge, while its tag is in the second city.
  • The Suitcase is found on top of the building closest to the ships at the airplane area. The tag is located in the train track tunnel.

Memory Vaults Edit

Upgrades Edit