The Lungfish Citizens are the residents of Lungfishopolis in Psychonauts. To a certain extent, they aid Razputin Aquato in the liberation against Kochamara.

Lungfish CitizensEdit

The regular denizens of the city, they often go about their business, heedless of the fact that Kochamara has set up a tower to bring them under his control.

Lungfish NavyEdit

Armies of the city under the control of Kochamara. With tanks, trucks, and airplanes, they will stop at nothing until either Raz falls or they do.

Lungfish ZealotsEdit

An organization of rebels and dissidents who take part in the revolution against Kochamara. Razputin (whom they refer to as Goggalor due to the goggles he wears) releases them from the prison compound where they are being held. The first few zealots released grant Raz the power of Shielding by giving him the badge.


Using Clairvoyance on them shows that they view Raz as a monster.