Hold Lungfish Call

Razputin holding the Lungfish Call.

“Prepare yourself for passage, human child.” — Linda

The Lungfish Call is an item recieved from Linda after defreating her in Psychonauts. It appears to be crafted from the skeleton of a crayfish. By using this item near the lake, it allows Razputin Aquato to travel between Whispering Rock and The Asylum. It only works if he is standing on the beach of Lake Oblongata, or on the small shore of the Asylum (respectively).


  • If you blow this item in Loboto lab, he says, "Sheegor, please. Open a window if you're gonna do that."
  • Due to a bug, if you blow this in the middle of Ford's Sanctuary, Crystal will be heard shouting "Yay, horn-whistle solo!"