AdministrationAggression AmmoAirplanes
AlleywayArrowheadAstral Layers
Asylum GroundsAsylum Lower FloorsAsylum Upper Floors
AugustusBaconBecky Houndstooth
Benny FideleoBird Roast DinnerBirds
Birthday CakeBlack VelvetopiaBlueprint Brain Tank
Boathouse and BeachBobby ZilchBonita Soleil
Boyd: Fired Again!Boyd: Hired Again!Boyd Cooper
Brain TankBrain TumblerBrain Tumbler Experiment
Bunny DemonCamp StoreCampster
CandleCannon SnailsCensors
Cheat CodeCherry Wood PipeChloe Barge
ClairvoyanceClem FooteCoach Oleander
Coach Oleander's Basic BrainingCobweb DusterCollectibles
Collective UnconsciousCondor EggConfusion
Confusion GrenadeConfusion RatsCow
CrayfishCrispin WhyteheadCrow Feather
CrowsCrystal Flowers SnagrashD'artagan
Den MotherDingo InflagranteDinosaur Bone
Diver's HelmetDog PaintersDogen Boole
Double Fine ProductionsDowsing RodDr. Caligosto Loboto
Dr. Loboto PortraitDream BunnyDream Fluff
Eagle ClawEdgar's LamentEdgar's Love
Edgar TegleeEl OdioElectro-Trucks
Elka DoomElton FirEmotional Baggage
Fat LadyFertility IdolFigment
FlowersFord's SanctuaryFord Cruller
Fortune TellerFossilFranke Athens
Fred's LetterFred BonaparteFred vs. Crispin
Fred vs. NapoleonFrench SoldiersG-Men
GPC and WildernessGeodesic Psychoisolation ChambersGlass Eye
Gloria's Cruel TrainingGloria's Fallen StarGloria's Theater
Gloria's TrophyGloria Von GoutonGod's Eye
Gold DoubloonGold WatchGolden Acorn
Golden HelmetGoodbye Hagatha HomeGuitar
Hand of GalochioHearty KnightHedge Trimmers
Helicopter HelmetHerbaphonyHouston Thorney
Important ObjectsInvisibilityJ. T. Hoofburger
Jarred BrainsJasper RollsKids' Cabins
Kitty BubaiKnife ThrowerKnight of Joy
KochamaraLair of the LungfishLake Oblongata
Lampita PasionadoLevitationLili's Bracelet
Lili ZanottoLindaList of Bosses
List of LocationsList of Voice ActorsList of Whispering Rock Campers
LuchadoresLungfish CallLungfish Citizens
Lungfish and LobotoLungfishopolisLungfishopolis Under Siege!
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Main PageMaloof CanolaMarksmanship
Meat CircusMega CensorMegaphone
Melvin "Chops" SweetwindMemory VaultsMental Cobweb
Mental HealthMental MagnetMerit Badges
Mikhail BulgakovMilka PhageMilkman Conspiracy
Milla's Adventures!Milla's ChildrenMilla's Dance Party
Milla VodelloMiner's SkullMonster Plant
Mood MachineMr. BunMr. Pokeylope
MusketNapoleon BonaparteNightmare
Nils LutefiskOarsman's BadgeOleander's Pride
Oleander's ShameOysterPSI-Bears
PSI-CougarsPSI-Popper GeneratorPSI-Punch
PSI Cadet RankPSI CardPSI Challenge Marker
PSI CorePSI Energy ColorizerPalm Bomb
Party DancersPersonal DemonsPeter McConnell
Phoebe LovePhonePirate Scope
PlungerPositive Mental HealthPriceless Coin
Projection LayerPsileriumPsitanium
Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of RuinPsychonauts 2Psychonauts Comic
Psychonauts Vault ViewerPsychopedia:Article Talk PagesPsychopedia:Assume Good Faith
Psychopedia:BehaviourPsychopedia:Don't Delete DiscussionsPsychopedia:Perspective
Psychopedia:SpoilersPsychopedia:User Page RightsPyrokinesis
QueensQuentin HedgemouseRainbow Squirts
Raz's JournalRazputin's GetawayRazputin Aquato
Reception AreaRhombus of RuinRifle
Rolling PinRoseSasha's Button
Sasha's First LossSasha's Second SightSasha's Shooting Gallery
Sasha's Underground LabSasha NeinScavenger Hunt
SeagullsShaky ClaimSheegor
ShieldSignSmelling Salts
SnailsSoundtrackSquirrel Roast Dinner
SquirrelsStage ActorsSteam Achievements
StraitjacketSucker FishTags
TanksTelekinesisThe Big Top
The ButcherThe CarpenterThe Day the Mail Boat Finally Came
The GalochiosThe Lab of Dr. LobotoThe Peasants
The PhantomThe Point of No ReturnThe World Shall Taste my Eggs!
Thorney Towers Home for the DisturbedTim SchaferTruman Zanotto
Turkey SandwichTwo-Headed Dad MonsterUnderground Rapid Transit System
Vernon TripeVineVoodoo Doll
Watering CanWaterloo WorldWhispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp
WindowYoung Oleander

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