This is a list of the Voice Actors who contributed their voiceovers to the game Psychonauts.

Razputin Aquato
Richard Steven Horvitz

Lili Zanotto/Squeaky Flower/Squeaky Thistle
Nicki Rapp

Ford Cruller/Linda the Hulking Lungfish/Officer O’Lungfish/Lungfish Zealot/French Soldiers
David Kaye

Coach Oleander/Dr. Loboto/Mr. Pokeylope/Kochamara
Nick Jameson

Young Oleander/Second Rainbow Squirt
Amber Hood

Sasha Nein/Bonita Soleil
Stephen Stanton

Milla Vodello
Alexis Lezin

Dogen Boole/Whispering Rocket Lady/First Rainbow Squirt
Nika Futterman

Maloof Canola/Kitty Bubai/Chloe Barge
Brett Walter

Franke Athens
Jessica Di Cicco

Elka Doom
Victoria Hoffman

Elton Fir
Christina Pucelli

Vernon Tripe
Faith Abrahams

J. T. Hoofburger
Jeannie Elias

Melvin "Chops" Sweetwind/Male Dancer
Ogie Banks

Mikhail Bulgakov/Lungfish Zealot
Mark Ivanir

Crystal Flowers Snagrash/Nils Lutefisk
Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Clem Foote
Andy Morris

Milka Phage
Lara Jill Miller

Phoebe Love
Crystal Scales

Quentin Hedgemouse
Sherrie Jackson

Bobby Zilch
Doug Giorgis

Benny "The Nose" Fideleo
Bill Tanzer

Female Dancer
Sydney Rainin

Boyd Cooper/Second Peasant
Alan Blumenfeld

G-Men/Lungfish Zealot/Tiger
Steve Blum

Lungfish Mom/Den Mother
Ginny Westcott

Gloria Von Gouton
Roberta Callahan

Becky Houndstooth
Zoe Galvez

Froggy Flower/Froggy Thistle
Thessaly Lerner

Head Flower/Head Thistle
Peter van Shaik

Jasper Rolls/Phantom
Joe Paulino

Fred/Napoleon Bonaparte
André Sogliuzzo

Paul Francis

First Peasant
Jarion Monroe

Hearty Knight
Kevin Blackton

Brave Snails
Toby Gleason

Edgar Teglee/Third Peasant
Jerry De Capua

Lampita Pasionado
Julie Nathanson

Dingo Inflagrante/Lungfish Zealot
Josh Keaton

Saint Bernard
Warren Burton

Peter Dennis

Matt Kaminsky

Andy Valvur

Dave Boat

Wrestling Announcer/Cobra
Josh Blake

Crispin Whytehead
Dwight Schultz

Tara Strong

The Butcher
Earl Boen

Augustus Aquato
Armin Shimerman

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