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Lili Talking To Raz
Lili Zanotto (age 9)
is a camper at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. She is the daughter of the Grand Psychonauts Chairman, Truman Zanotto. She is a gifted psychic, having passed every test and earned every merit badge by the time Raz appears. In later parts of the game, she develops feelings for Raz and starts calling him her boyfriend, which later becomes mutual. It is slightly hinted that she might have gone on dates or hung out with Chops and Quentin.

She likes plants, and does not get along well with certain campers, finding them loud and obnoxious. In the opening scene it is hinted at that shes been made fun of for her powers when Raz, after appeared during Coach Oleander's speech, talked about being looked down on for your powers, she is seen looking a bit nervous. If you punch her later in the game, she'll try to punch back. Its known that Elton had a big crush on her until he got with Milka later in the game.

Nicki Rapp voices her.


When Razputin breaks into camp and drops in on the Coach's speech at the start of the game, Lili is the only one of the campers who appears genuinely interested. However, she is subsequently very sarcastic to him, appearing unimpressed by anything he does. In Basic Braining, she tells Raz she has seen meat plants like the one there in a nightmare of hers.

Later, after the Brain Tumbler Experiment, Razputin tells her about Dogen's brain being stolen by an insane dentist. She, too, had been dreaming about this, and the two agree to meet at Lake Oblongata by nightfall to figure out what is happening. After Milla's Dance Party, Lili is on top of a tower at the Kids' Cabins to investigate more by listening to Coach Oleander mumble in his sleep because it sounds like her nightmare. Back in the Brain Tumbler, she is seen being held captive by Dr. Loboto in the Thorny Towers as well. When Razputin goes out to meet her by the lake, they agree Coach Oleander has a plot to take over the world. Lili is thrilled something interesting is finally happening at camp, but soon gets taken by the Hideous Hulking Lungfish of Lake Oblongata to the bottom of the lake. For Razputin, the chase is on.

After obtaining Clairvoyance, Razputin can use it on Lili's Bracelet to see she has been taken to Loboto's lab, but not yet debrained because she has a cold, rendering the sneezing powder useless.

At the top of the asylum, Lili is held hostage, and once Loboto is defeated and Sasha and Milla are rebrained, she is released from her restraints. Soon afterwards, Coach Oleander turns up, and as Sasha, Milla, and Ford get ready to battle him, they send Raz and Lili down to the bottom of the tower so they won't interfere, to great protest from both children. Down there, they discuss their relationship, and kiss just as Thorny Towers gets blown up.

After completing the fiendish Meat Circus, Raz gets promoted to full-fledged Psychonaut, and it seems he and Lili must go their separate ways, as she lives on the east coast and Raz moves around often. They kiss one last time, but are immediately told of a new mission: Truman Zanotto, grand head of the Psychonauts and Lili's father, has been kidnapped. The team immediately takes the jet and sets off towards their next assignment.

Psychic AbilitiesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Even though she was kidnapped by Loboto, she is the only camper that was not debrained throughout the game.
  • Using Clairvoyance, she sees Raz as a caped Casanova-type lover, her "knight in shining armor" holding a rose.
  • Her age is never stated, although she is presumably around 10 years old like Raz. This was later confirmed by her Campster page.
  • Aside from her father, Lili may have further connections to the greater Psychonauts organization; in the Campfire Area there is a carving of a man named Bob Zanatto. His exact relation to Lili and why his last name is spelled differently is unknown.

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