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The bracelet in Raz's inventory

Lili's Bracelet is a item that is owned by Lili Zanotto and received as a held item at Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed. The bracelet doesn't have any uses in the game except a special cutscene when using Clairvoyance.

At an early point in the game, Lili watches Kitty and Franke making friendship bracelets and scoffs at the idea. When showing the button to Lili, Raz suggests making friendship bracelets could be fun. Lili insults Raz and claims he'd only want it so he could unbutton it and take if off when he's done being friends with her. When Raz points out he never said the bracelet would be for him, an embarrassed Lili insults Raz again. Afterwards, Lili actually goes through with making Raz the bracelet.

Just before Raz attends Milla's Levitation class, Lili attempts to give the bracelet only to be distracted when Raz starts talking about the recent disappearances around camp. After Lili is captured by Linda, she drops the bracelet somewhere outside of Thorney Towers. Raz carries it with him the entire time until he successfully frees her.

When Raz uses Clairvoyance on this object, it shows a cutscene showing Lili's capture and verbal assault of Dr. Loboto in his laboratory.


  • When attached, Razputin will state that he doesn't want to wear it until he figures out his relationship status with Lili, heavily implying that he does in fact like her.
  • This bracelet may or may not have been made for Lili by Kitty and Franke, as the later are shown making friendship bracelets before being kidnapped and debrained.
  • Lili's bracelet is decorated with skulls, reflecting her personality. It's possible she did this to compensate out of embarrassment that she was making such a girly gift.
  • If clairvoyance is not used on the object by the time that you save Lili, the special cutscene is unavailable for the remainder of the game. Thus, giving the object no use.

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