“Kochamara does not speak giant monster boy language.” — Kochamara

Kochamara is a boss who appears in Lungfishopolis in Psychonauts.


Kochamara is the product of a mental implant that was placed in the mind of the Hulking Lungfish of Lake Oblongata. Ever since Coach Oleander placed the implant in the Lungfish, Kochamara has been reigning over the people of the mental city of Lungfishopolis. His tower, which brainwashes the Lungfish and the citizens of Lungfishopolis, resides on Kochamara Island. Kochamara appears to be an astral projection of Coach Oleander with an added disguise, as he talks to Razputin Aquato prior, during and after the boss fight about things only the Coach would or should know of. This theory is strengthened by Kochamara's "fading" animation during the cutscene following the ending of the boss fight itself.

General StrategyEdit

Kochamara begins the battle flying. He will only perform two attacks right now: Mighty Ram (where he charges into Raz) or Deadly Triangle Beam (where he fires an energy beam at Raz). When he use Deadly Triangle Beam, use Shield to deflect the beam back at him. After about three hits, he will sap all your Aggression Ammo, and land on the ground. Now, he has three additional attacks: Mighty Ram Ground Version (he charges at you), Overly Intricate Combination Attack (he does a combination of kicks and punches), and Hard-to-Avoid Area Attack (he charges up and blasts the entire area). When he uses Hard-to-Avoid Area Attack, use Shield to defend and then run up and hit him. Eventually, he'll start flying again. Repeat the flying phase until he is hit once, then the ground phase until he is hit twice, and then you'll win.


  • Kochamara is a parody of Ultraman. He is also a parody of Tokusatsu shows in general, shouting the names of his attacks before attacking.
  • Kochamara, being Coach Oleander, is voiced by Nick Jameson, who has done voices in many Star Wars games.
  • Kochamara's name may be a combination of "Coach" (as in Coach Oleander) and "Gamera", the fictional giant turtle monster (who is the defender of the people, like what the brainwashed Lungfishopolis residents think of Kochamara). It may also refer to "cauchemar", which is French for "nightmare".
  • His attack, "Deadly Triangle Beam", is similar in name and usage to the Tri-Beam, an energy beam attack used by Tien Shinhan in the anime series, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.
  • Another hint that Kochamara is Oleander is that they both see Raz as the same thing, a brain, when Raz uses Clairvoyance on him.