Knife thrower

A knife thrower up close.

The Knife Thrower is an enemy found only in the Meat Circus. They appear as sword swallowers without any arms. Because of this, they use their feet for grabbing objects.


The Sword swallowers regurgitate swords, and try to hit Razputin. They are unable to be killed, but they can be shortly immobilized if hit by a PSI Blast, or if lit by Pyrokinesis. In some versions of Psychonauts Razputin must wait for the knives to be thrown to the correct rotating cylinder to progress. In the other versions knives are already on the cylinders so he can immediately progress.


  • If Clairvoyance is used on them, it's revealed they see Raz as a target.
    Knife vision

    Using Clairvoyance on a Knife Thrower.