“Hey, put me down or my dad will sue your whole family!” — Kitty, when Raz picks her up using telekinesis

Kitty Bubai (age 12) is a camper a Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. She is a Navy brat and grew up all over the world. She and her best friend, Franke Athens, are the "Girly Girls" in the game and do not do much but care for themselves. You'll also hardly ever see one without the other.

She is voiced by Brett Walter.


Kitty is first seen right after Basic Braining, when she and Franke tell Razputin to pay them one Arrowhead if he wants to pass through to the Main Campgrounds while explain the origins and uses of the currency.

Kitty is also seen dancing in Milla's Dance Party, but returns to her usual spot next to the lodge afterwards, telekinetically making friendship bracelets with Franke. Later in the game she can be found in the T.V. room, listing to Vernon's stories, while being brainless.

After her brain is recovered and put back in its place, she immediately takes off to get a pedicure, ignoring Raz's calls for some assistance. Both girls can later be found caring for their nails in one of the kids' cabins.


  • When Clairvoyance is used on her, she sees Razputin as an annoying fly, as do Franke and Elka.
  • Multiple character conversations throughout the game hint at her using magic (or simply having powers not explained by psychic abilities). After entering the camp lounge for the first time, stick around the two band members long enough, and eventually one of them will talk about them dating her even she is "not their type" and that she somehow has some form of "spell" that wont let them stop thinking about her. This is reflected by Raz mentioning some "nasty stuff" when recovering her brain.
  • Kitty's favorite book is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
  • Kitty's favorite TV show is Xena and her favorite movie is Mulholland Drive.
  • Close examination of her eyes reveal that they are purple with a black spiral in them. This might be hinting her supernatural like powers, or they may just be contacts.
  • Kitty is the only camper who wears a camp shirt with a reversed color scheme.
  • Kitty enjoys listening to Cibo Matto and Shonen Knife.
  • She is one of the very few campers to not be at basic braining and Raz does not meet her until afterward.
  • Lots of the boys like her and the feelings are not mutual
  • She seems to be better spoken than Franke Athens.
    Camper kitty
  • She makes really witty comebacks and is quite sassy.
  • Psychadet rank:Aura Wrangler
  • Hometown:Tokyo/Hong Kong/Singapore/Seoul/Manilla/Bakersfield (thank god dad finally got kicked out of the navy)
  • Psychic Speciality:Confusion... Or is it? ;)
  • She is one of the most fashionable at Camp.
  •  She is the only camper who is known to wear makeup.