The Kids' Cabins.

The Kids' Cabins are an area in Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, which acts as the sleeping quarters for all of the campers. This is also full of fun new places to explore and test out acrobatic skills.


PSI Challenge MarkersEdit

  • On a large wooden ring on a tree.

PSI CardsEdit

  • Three of them are on ground level, including one by the boy's cabin.
  • Camp kid cabins 2
    Camp kid cabins3
    One is on top of the speaker tower near Dogen Boole.
  • One is in the outhouse. (Use the door to open it.)
  • There are two on top of two of the cabins.
  • If you walk along the highwire between the two cabins, you can drop down to hang on it with your cancel button. If you swing from there to the trapeze, then swing from there to the trampoline, another Psi Card can be found.
  • If you jump from the top of the boy's cabin to the wooden trapezes there, you can jump up to find a cave. You can't do anything with the safe therein, but you can find three more cards inside.
  • After you retrieve the Levitation power, you can head to the beginning of the cave, then float across to some netting on a rock nearby. Jump from that netting to another set of netting, then double-jump to the highwire strung along behind it to grab the last card.

Scavenger Hunt ItemsEdit

Psychics Often Found Edit