Raz finds Nils's brain.

Jarred Brains are the stolen brains of Razputin's campmates at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. After Dr. Loboto used his sneezing powder to make his victims sneeze their brains out during the events of Psychonauts, they were stored in jars to later be used in Brain Tanks. They are scattered throughout the grounds of Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed. Collecting a Brain will increase Raz's maximum health capacity.

Locations Edit


  • "J.T.'s brain? How'd this little dogie get out of the pen?"
  • "Don't worry, Franke. I'll put this one right next to Kitty's."
  • "Kitty's brain. You know, I hate to say it, but it is better groomed than than the rest of the brains."
  • "How Chloe sneezed this one through that helmet, we'll never know."
  • "Better give Maloof's brain to Mikhail ASAP so he can protect it."
  • "Chops. What is up, eh?"
  • "I'm surprised Milka's brain doesn't go invisible when I get close to it."
  • "Benny. Heh. I thought it would be smaller."
  • "Bobby Zilch? I didn't know you had a brain. Heh heh. Man, I wish you were here for that joke, Bobby."
  • "Elka Doom. Maybe I should let J.T. have some time alone before I return this brain."
  • "Yo, Quentin. Good to see your brain again."
  • "Dogen Boole. I told you I'd get your brain back."
  • "Huh. Phoebe's brain is warmer than the others."
  • "Yay! Woo-hoo! Crystal's brain! Let's hear it for thinking!"
  • "Clem's brain. Three cheers for brains!"
  • "To think that every cell in Nils' brain is dedicated to the ladies."
  • "How could something as small as Vernon's brain hold so many boring stories?"
  • "Elton. What can I tell ya? You were right. The old legends were true."
  • "Welcome back to the thinking world, Mikhail."


  • Interacting with a Jarred Brain will result in Raz stating he doesn't think the jar can fit inside his backpack.
  • Raz kisses each and every brain (Even Bobby's brain)