Hearty knight

The Hearty Knight storms the stronghold

“Mmm...Delicious! I haven't had escargot like that since the Duchess' birthday. But even those were not so full of...spirit!” — Hearty Knight

The Hearty Knight is a game piece character that appears in Waterloo World. He is voiced by Kevin Blackton.


In Waterloo World, Raz still needs someone to storm the stronghold to win the game. The only person left in town to do that is the Hearty Knight. The Knight refuses to go anywhere until he is given an excellent cuisine of escargot. After Raz goes into the woods and collects ten Snails to make the knight his food, the knight comes out and storms into the stronghold.


The Hearty Knight is obese and is shaped like a sphere. He enjoys excellent French cuisines. He despises any food that is simple, such as his least favorite dish he dared not to speak of "beef on toast". The Hearty Knight also does not know he is in a board game but in an actual war.


The knight views Raz as a waiter when Clairvoyance is used on him.


(move the knight by a soldier) "I would love to slay that soldier, but I need to save my energy on storming the stronghold. I've only eaten enough to last me through one great struggle, you see."

(Show note) "Not enough to feed his troops anything but chipped beef on toast. Oooh, I can't believe I spoke the name of that dish!"

(Show coin) "Oh, how I wish there were a gourmet restaurant in town so that I may take that coin and buy myself a fine meal."

(Show musket) "Excellent. Now take that gun and go shoot me a fine game pheasant, then bring it to my favorite chef in Paris-- "

Raz: "It's not loaded."

Knight: "Ohhh, I'm going to faint."

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