Gloria's Trophy.

Gloria's Trophy is an award that Gloria Von Gouton won back in the past when she used to be an actress before the events of Psychonauts. Whenever Razputin picks it up before completing her mental world, Gloria steps out from under the bright moonlight and changes to her angry persona. She accuses Razputin of stealing the trophy and chases him out of her area. Razputin has to enter Gloria's mind to fix her mood swing problem. After Gloria's Theater has been completed, Gloria lets Razputin have the trophy.


This is used as a piece of the Dr. Loboto disguise. It is used as Dr. Loboto's claw. The complete disguise of three parts lets Razputin get past Crispin Whytehead.

Trivia Edit

  • If you try to use invisibility to take it, Gloria will react and take it back, seeming to think that the trophy itself is running away.