The Chamber where Maloof Canola was trapped.

Camp gdc

Note: This article is about the GPC itself. To see the area within Whispering Rock with the GPC, see GPC and Wilderness.

The Geodesic Psychoisolation Chambers [GPCs] are the part of the Whispering Rock Summer Camp where Agent Sasha Nein keeps his lab.


The chambers work in a way similar to solitary confinement in that they block out a psychic's ability to tap into their abilities, making them completely psychic-less while in the device.

After completing Basic Braining, Sasha Nein approaches Razputin, inviting him to participate in special training. He then hands him a red button, and gives him a hint to find his lab: 'sometimes isolation can be a good can lead to important discoveries'.

Once there, Raz hears crying coming from one of the chambers. After smacking the chamber, Maloof is released: Apparently, Bobby Zilch had stuck Maloof in there to bully the poor boy and possibly as punishment for not handing over the arrowheads that Bobby earlier demanded from him.

Camp GED

In the Geodesic Psychoisolation Chamber, Raz notices one of the pillows is missing a Button. Putting the button received earlier in the game in that spot opens up a trapdoor that leads directly to Sasha's lab.


  • It seems as though Bobby has had a traumatic experience inside the GPC himself, because when shown Sasha's button, which came from GPC, he becomes hysterical.
  • It's suggested that the GPCs were once used to punish misbehaved campers, though they haven't been since the 1950s, according to Maloof.
  • Another camper who has been in the GPC was Vernon. When he went inside his first time it wasn't bad at first but after a few minutes it was frightening.