Geodezic Chamber

The GPC and Wilderness is a location in the camp.

This part of camp is where the Geodesic Psychoisolation Chambers are. Just like the reception area, this area is mainly a forest area. The portion of the camp is claimed to be off-limits by Ranger Cruller, claiing that bad things wander around in the forest. Despite this, you will frequently see the kids in this area during the daytime. At nightfall, nobody comes around here.

Collectibles Edit

PSI CardsEdit

  • Head to the cave in the southeast leading to the boathouse and jump atop it.
  • To the east of this cave, another card is hidden behind a tree on the hill; you can jump to it, though, if you walk far enough up the hill before doing so.
    Wr tree1
  • Two cards can be found near trees on the east side of the GPC, outside the fence.
  • Near the outside of the GPC fence, to its northeast.
  • Near the bear on the north side of the GPC.
  • Two cards are atop the rocks to the northwest of the GPC.
  • There's a decrepit hut to the west of the GPC. Jump to the student on the rocks nearby to find another card.
  • Jump from the student's location to the log crossing the river.
  • Head back to the student, then find the wooden trapeze behind him. Use it to move up to a platform above the hut.
  • From the platform, jump into the hollowed log; there's a card that you'll pick up as you slide down.
  • Another card should be easily distinguishable across the river after you leave the log.
  • Underneath one of the GPC walkways, on ground level.
  • Jump on top of central GPC core structure, where another student is crying.
  • From the central GPC structure, you'll notice a pair of trees with branches covering their trunks. Each of these *will lead you to a card if you jump to them.
  • From the southern card that you leaped to from the GPC, you can keep following the path to reach another card.
Wr bush

PSI Challenge MarkersEdit

  • On the top of a tall tree located within the fence of the GPC.
  • Inside the decrepit cabin.

Scavenger Hunt Items Edit

Psychics Often Found Edit

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