Napoleon's soldier.

“For France!” — Napoleonic Troop

The French Soldiers appear in Waterloo World. They are game piece characters who are on Napoleon's team.


The soldiers can only be defeated by Peasants. Raz has to recruit a peasant to defeat each one. The first soldier destroys a bridge, then terrorizes the second Peasant. The first soldier is killed when the first peasant gets a letter from Fred. The second soldier comes out and destroys the next bridge. After the bridge is repaired, the second peasant kills the second soldier. The third soldier comes out and is ordered to guard the stronghold. The third peasant takes out the remaining soldier.

If Raz tries to interact with any of the Napoleonic troops, Napoleon will tell him not to, saying it's cheating.


The soldiers are mean and never give up on conquering other people's lands just like their leader Napoleon. The soldiers are very loyal to Napoleon, as seen when Razputin shows the "I care" note to a soldier, the soldier says he likes his leader better. They're shown not to be perfectly loyal when Razputin shows the coin he'll say that if they don't get more funding in two weeks he'll jump ship. It appears the first soldier is the father of the second soldier.


Razputin: "Word to the wise, give up while you can. Fred's gonna win."

Soldier: (laughs)

Razputin: "I can burn wood with my mind."

Soldier: "Yes, but that would you say...cheating!"

"None shall pass!"

"Arr! Die! I kill you!"

Raz (showing Fred's note): "Look, Fred cares!"

Soldier: "Not as much as my leader does."

Raz (holding coin): "Hey, check out this coin I found."

Soldier: "Oui, oui, oui. But, uh... call me two weeks. If we don't get more funding, I'm going to jump ship!"

Raz (holding musket): "Cool mukset, eh?"

Soldier: "If I thought you knew how to use it, I would be frightened."

Raz: "Hey, I was once an assassin, I'll have you know."

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